GodaSound TLB Overdrive #00004

Here’s the latest TLB Overdriver – all point-to-point wired!

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Quick Demo Vid for the GodaFace!

I’m really liking the sound of this fuzz – check it out:

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TLB Overdriver!!

Is simplicity best? Sometimes! Check out this very simple little overdriver – one knob takes you from neutral (0) to fully overdriven (10). On the way you get a dirty boost, and some great light to medium overdrive tones! This pedal will be available in one knob (as shown in the demo), or two knob (with a master volume) configurations! Also available in a 2-in-1 pedal – just shoot me an e-mail (robert (at) godasound (dot) com) and we’ll find the pedal that works best for you!

Check it:

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GodaFace #00003 – Point To Point Sweetness!

Another NPN Germanium-Silicon hybrid – check it out:

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New Growler, New Demo!!

Check out the new Growler in this demo video:

And here’s some still pics for your enjoyment:

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Two new OK Benders

Numbers 10 and 11 are up for grabs at my eBay store, or contact me directly (robert@godasound.com) for a discounted price!

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OK Bender with Boost!

Here’s a fun pedal – it’s an OK Bender with the addition of a boost circuit on a second footswitch! It can really take the fuzz into full saturation and works great for kicking the sound up for a lead!

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Great feedback on the GodaBender!

Here’s some feedback from the sale of GodaBender #00004:

“Robert, got the Goda Fuzz today… The only problem is, I wish I had 3 of them. Seriously, I plugged her up, rolled the fuzz to 0, matched the Vol. to my clean tone and went steady up the scale, screwing around with my p’up sel, vol and tone the whole time… A lot of usable tones on the way up.

I hit a sweet spot with the fuzz at about 4 o’clock and played for about 30 minutes. Then I went on up, totally usable, even up to the most extreme settings with screeches between notes.

My primary live guitar is a 90′s Tele Super Deluxe (3 p’ups 5 selector), and I was playing through an Epi Valve Jr. w/ a Mesa Boogie 2×12″ w/ Vintage 30′s. I rolled the fuzz back to the 4 o’clock sweet spot, and played for a couple of hours using the Vol. control on the Goda Fuzz as an amp boost/cut, at variable amp vol. levels. All I can say is wow.

The Goda Fuzz is a valuable addition to my studio and live rig. I’m really impressed with how well the pedal responds to my guitar’s vol. knob. It almost makes the guitar vol. function as a clean/distortion mix. I was able to keep all of my tele chime, while getting loads of harmonic texture just beneath the surface. Or, roll the vol. up and get a vol. and fuzz boost that sustained and gave single notes more authority. I’m glad we made friends Robert, I’m looking forward to getting more.”

- Bronson Mestizo

All I can say is: thanks!! Be sure to check out Bronson’s new digital album here: http://bronsonmestizo.bandcamp.com/album/light-burns

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GodaBender #00005 – with on-board voltage sag!

Here’s a new twist on the GodaBender – a third control which adds a voltage sag to the formula. It gives some cool sound options and of course with no sag you get the great the great GodaBender fuzz tones!

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