Growler OD/Dist

The Growler is an excellent OD/Dist which is engineered to provide a wide range of sounds from a slight OD/Boost all the way to feedbacking, screeching, over-distorted nonsense. This is definitely no one-trick pony!

The Growler produces it’s sound in three stages – first is a silicon transistor gain stage that pushes a TL082 op-amp producing anything from a nearly clean boost to a nice rock crunch and second is a MOSFET-based gain stage which can provide anything from some extra tonal saturation to full-on, screaming distortion reaching into fuzz levels and beyond. It is important to keep in mind that while this pedal can be used to lightly effect your signal (such as adding an ever-so-slight “growl” to your clean sound), it is a capable of huge volume and gain levels – take caution if you are planning to use both drive controls at anything past mid-level and turn the volume down so you don’t injure your rig or your hearing!

Growler pedals are available to order now for $100 shipped (CONUS). If there are none in stock then expect a 2-week build time. E-mail me at for more information!

Here is a demo video featuring the Growler pedal:

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