GodaBender Silicon Fuzz

GodaSound GodaBender #00012

GodaBender #00012

The GodaBender is a fuzz pedal derived from the classic Tone Bender and Fuzz Face circuits of old but it’s unique tone will set you apart from other off-the-shelf fuzz users, and it’s versatility will surprise you as you use the fuzz and volume knobs in conjunction with your own guitar’s volume and tone controls to reach a variety of great sounds! The GodaBender makes use of a unique component set including mil-spec Dale resistors and metalize poly film capacitors in addition to the MPS6521 transistor to create it’s unique and useful tones. While it is definitely a fuzz pedal and definitely a tribute to it’s predecessors, it stands on it’s own two feet as a great pedal on it’s own and a legend in the making!

GodaBenders will be produced in small lots based on demand. They will be priced at around $85 shipped (CONUS), and of course I can always take your order for one if I am currently out of stock or don’t have one in a layout, flavor or color that you like! ┬áIn the meantime, check out this demo for an idea of what to expect:

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