My name is Robert Nagoda and I founded GodaSound in 2010 with the notion of offering hand built, unique pedals to discerning players who seek to craft a sound all their own rather than to mimic the “classic” tones of those that came before them. My pedals are not clones and they do not use “standard” schematics that anyone can find online. Yes, they are often derivatives of existing designs (I do not pretend to have ignored ToneBenders, Fuzz Faces and Big Muffs when designing my fuzz effects, for example) but they are uniquely different rather than simply modded.

Each pedal is built by me, and housed in an enclosure uniquely finished by me. The circuits are built up with high quality components and using point-to-point techniques rather than PCBs. The enclosures are … also unique. They’ve been called everything from “hideous” to “interesting” to “beautiful” and all points in between. But you will never see two of them that are the same, so if you don’t like one just keep looking!

I do not take custom orders any longer. I apologize, but there are many builders who have built their business around the ability to take custom orders and I will be more than happy to point you in the direction of a solid and reputable pedal builder who can handle a custom request if that is what you need.

If you have any questions, or want to purchase a pedal you see on the site, let me know – robert@godasound.com – thanks!

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