NegaFace #00002 – with CV7355′s!

So I was in the process of building the second NegaFace since the first one sold fairly quickly and I came across a perfectly matched set of CV7355′s. I love these transistors, but it’s not as common as I’d like to find a low-gain matched set, and these boys tested identically for gain (103hfe) and leakage (0.03mA), so . . . I couldn’t resist! I put them into this build and – voila! Another great sounding NegaFace hits the streets!

I played around with a few other things on this build too, just for kicks, like using a tant cap on the Q2 emitter gain (‘fuzz’) control – which, as you might guess, just achieves the same result as using an electrolytic. But it sure looks cool!

Anyway – yeah – I know why you’re here . . . porn:


Oh yeah, and you can buy it!  Here:

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