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Un Ojo Video Demo

The Un Ojo is the one-knob version of the Oso Negro fuzz. It sounds great, it’s versatile, and it’s now available for sale – email me (robert at godasound dot com)!

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Oso Negro Fuzz Prototype – Sound Clips

Here’s some sound of me doodling around with my newest fuzz pedal, the Oso Negro Fuzz! It has some cool features, including a ‘choke’ control which will give you some nice glitchy sounds should you need them!  

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New one knobber – presenting the Un Ojo Fuzz!!!

This fuzz is killer.  I’ll get a soundclip soon, in the meantime here’s build #00001:  

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GodaBender updated – check it out!

The GodaBender has been redesigned, keeping the elements which make it a great and unique fuzz pedal, but upping the ante with an even better component spec and some minor changes to increase the gain, volume and clarity of the … Continue reading

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GodaFace v.2!!

Really happy with this one – the newest version of the GodaFace pedal! Check out some pics and a demo vid:    

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NegaFace #00002 – with CV7355′s!

So I was in the process of building the second NegaFace since the first one sold fairly quickly and I came across a perfectly matched set of CV7355′s. I love these transistors, but it’s not as common as I’d like … Continue reading

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Introducing the NegaFace!

The NegaFace is nothing special – just a great sounding fuzz using 2N404 transistors, which are PNP, but this pedal is wired up with negative grounding so you can use your standard power adapter and daisy chain or whatever you … Continue reading

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GodaFace #00005

Here’s another GodaFace (the fifth one!) and this time I’ve added a bias knob at customer request. It’s a very cool pedal, and the finish is definitely ‘unique!’

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GodaSound TLB Overdrive #00004

Here’s the latest TLB Overdriver – all point-to-point wired!

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Quick Demo Vid for the GodaFace!

I’m really liking the sound of this fuzz – check it out:

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